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My name is Yuliya Kovelman. Welcome to my agency, YK TRAVEL. Here you won’t just become one of my clients, you will become a member of my extended family. You will be treated with respect, dignity and love. Because this is my philosophy I swear and live by. WELCOME! And I hope you will like it here!


Virtual Honeymoon is one of the tools that my agency proudly uses. It was created with you in mind to make a process of selecting your next vacation destination simple, fun and interactive. You are making a very important decision here, you are SELECTING A DESTINATION for whether a honeymoon, anniversary, destination wedding, or any other family gathering. And lets face it, once you pick a destination, everything becomes so easy. All you need now is just a great travel agent who will match you with the right resort, build a great itinerary and take care of all the details for you. And I am here to help. Please visit for more information. 


I am very excited to work with you and thank you for this opportunity! I can not wait to get you started on planning your perfect vacation. 


- Yuliya Kovelman